1. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST NUDE PHOTOS: False! Everyone has their own idea about how they want their boudoir images to look and most of my clients don’t come to me specifically for nude photos. I don’t make anyone do anything that they are uncomfortable with. I do offer fine art nudity if you are interested and I keep them very classy. We can talk about what you envision for your photo shoot and discuss your comfort level during your pre-session planning.

2. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS FOR YOUNG SKINNY GIRLS: False! This is so wrong and I love that I’m proving it. I have photographed so many different types of women from petite to curvy, and from college age to grandmothers, even women in their last trimester of pregnancy. Every single one of them was beautiful. They trusted me to capture their true beauty and to create photos that will remind them of an experience that made them feel beautiful.

3. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST LINGERIE: False! Boudoir photography has evolved beyond skimpy lingerie. My clients are encouraged to bring a wide variety of non-lingerie items as well as sexy lingerie. I’ve photographed confident women in comfy pajamas, dresses and other non-lingerie clothing. Whatever they feel beautiful in. Wear what you want to wear, not what you think is expected or what someone else would like.

4. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ONLY SHOT ON THE BED: False! What is boudoir? The term boudoir is a French word defined by Merriam-Webster as “as a women’s bedroom or private room”. You may have only seen boudoir photos that were shot on a bed or only in the bedroom. While I do have a bed in my studio, I photograph lots of photos that are not on the bed. We can even go outside if the weather permits. I make sure you get a wide variety of photos to choose from.

5. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST A TREND: False! Creating beautiful images of women has been around forever, we are just using better tools nowadays! Boudoir photography has evolved from pinups to glamour shots and beyond; but one thing has never changed a beautiful image is timeless.

6. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS SOMETHING YOU DO ONCE: False! I have a handful of clients who have returned for a second and even a third boudoir photo session with me. They tell me it’s addicting because they feel really good about themselves and they get tastefully done pictures to show for it.