This gorgeous lady was my first client to do an “After Dark Boudoir Portrait Session” at my new studio space in Chesterton, Indiana.  After Dark boudoir photo sessions are a new style that I am offering. These photos have different lighting than my standard natural light day sessions and have a sexy, moodier feel to them. Photos can include candlelight. After Dark Boudoir Portrait Sessions can be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursday evenings. As with all our sessions, makeup application and hair styling by licensed professionals is included. For this boudoir photo session, hair was styled by Amanda Zale and makeup was done by Katie Riordan.  These are some really sexy photos. Boudoir portraits make a great gift for someone special in your life, or they are a great gift for yourself. These photo sessions are very empowering and a great way to boost your self confidence.  Check out these sexy after dark boudoir photos below:

If you are interested in booking an after dark boudoir photo session fill out the contact form here on the website or call me at 219-510-2300.  I’d be happy to schedule a no obligation consultation with you so I can tell your all about these amazing, sexy photo sessions.