1. Know the location. Where does the photographer do the photo shoots? It’s best if they have a professional studio set up for boudoir photography. Be careful if a photographer you have never met before wants you to meet them at a hotel or other private location. Be safe.

2. Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable. Meet the photographer before hand. You don’t make an investment like this often, and it’s important to know you are going to have a good experience.

3. Really look at the work. Compare the photos you see on the website or social media. You can get the best sense of a photographer’s skill level by the variety of sizes and shapes you see on the website; anyone can make a size 2 look great. Also consider the facial expressions. Do they look relaxed or convey emotion?

4. Price For many this is a once in a lifetime experience, so you probably don’t want to chose mainly on price. Cheaper doesn’t mean better. Find out what’s included. Is photo shopping included? Some photographers won’t do it. Do they provide on-site hair and makeup services? Do they offer payment plans?

5. Experience Does the photographer specialize in boudoir photography? Boudoir photography posing can be difficult. Choose a photographer who is experienced and trained specifically in boudoir.

6. Privacy Some photographers share all of their client’s photos. Check the contract you are signing, and ask the photographer what their policy is. At NWI Boudoir your images are always kept private, and you have the option of signing a model release after you’ve seen your photos. We respect your privacy whatever you choose.

7. Reviews Nothing tells the truth more than the personal experiences of others. You can read our reviews here: Google Reviews

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