1. It’s okay to be nervous. Some of the best things in life happen just outside of your comfort zone. Embrace the nerves; they won’t last long. Your photographer is not judging you. The boudoir photographer’s job is to master posing, light, emotion, etc… so yes, although your photographer is looking at you, she isn’t picking you apart. Boudoir photographers are trying to capture the best of you and therefore, that is what we see. For me, I want my clients to embrace their own unique beauty. You shouldn’t put boundaries on yourself just because you “think” it’s not for you. That is just your brain lying to you.

2. You don’t have to lose weight before you book a shoot. A properly trained boudoir photographer will know how to pose you in ways that flatter your figure. Also, wardrobe is key. A good photographer will help you select things that will look good on your particular body type. With proper posing and wardrobe, we will always make you look as good as you look in real life, if not better!

3. Get pampered a few days before your session. Nails, haircut and color touch up, waxing….. all the major pampering sessions should happen at least two days before your boudoir session. I usually don’t recommend spray tans or self tanning lotions. Simply moisturize your beautiful skin daily and after each shower. Remember to drink lots of water too.

4. Be prepared for your makeover. Arrive with clean dry hair. Our hairstylist does not have time to blow dry your hair, so make sure you wash it the day before your session, so that it’s clean and dry and ready to be styled. Come with a clean, makeup free face. Your makeup artist is a professional who will help you look amazing for your photo session. They will match your skin tone and glam you up so that you will be camera ready for your shoot. Wear loose fitting, comfy clothing. You will be sitting in hair and makeup for about 45 minutes. Tight bras or tight jeans will leave marks o your skin. a Robe is great to bring to wear for this.

5. Even though you say “it’s for him”, it’s also for you. Be prepared, this could be a life changer. Most women book shoots as a gift for someone else. The truth is, the experience is for you! The photos are a keepsake or souvenir. Embrace the experience and the feelings that come along with it. Look back at the photos and remember how incredible you felt that day. Boudoir is feeling sexy because you’re a boss. Boudoir is feeling confident in your body. Boudoir is feeling like a warrior because of all you’ve been through. Boudoir is whatever feeling makes you feel ALIVE. That is what boudoir is. Don’t let anyone else tell you any different…These feelings give you the power to LIVE, to go after what you want in life, to get out of bad relationships, to apply for a new job, to travel, to fall in love….the possibilities are endless. This is not just a photo shoot, it is a life experience.

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