This stunning beauty was in our Chesterton, Indiana boudoir photography studio recently for a boudoir portrait session. Isn’t she gorgeous? Right after her session I received the following email from her:


I had to let you know, I just saw something that perfectly describes how I felt when I left today! The quote I saw said, “Healthy is not a size, it’s a feeling”. When I left from my photo shoot I felt healthy. The hair and makeup helped my confidence, but it was you who made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I was bullied in middle school/ high school for my body and curves. I should have embraced my body.  Instead, it lead me to a road of destruction. In my adulthood body image has been a constant struggle emotionally and mentally. I thank you for making me feel confident, comfortable, and HEALTHY. I can only imagine how much I will like the pictures!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!  It made me so happy to read those words and confirm that what I do for a living is making a difference in the lives of women in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area.

All of our boudoir photo sessions include complimentary hair styling and makeup application by licensed professionals. For this session makeup was done by Anjelica Santilan and hair was styled by Amanda Zale. If you want to learn more about the boudoir portrait experience offered at NWI Boudoir you can read more on our info page here on the website.  You can also contact me by filling out the contact form.